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Harpy Gee Hiatus 2022 - Harpy Gee Hiatus 2022
Posted February 14, 2022 at 03:14 pm

Thank you all for sticking with Harpy Gee for so long! 💚

As this chapter concludes, Harpy will be on a hiatus until early fall. I know this is a long break, but for good reason.


I’m beginning work on a new animated short! (It’s not Harpy related.)

Recently I’ve signed with Great Dog Literary, and will be working on a few new comic ideas!

I’m helping with character design on a close friend’s pilot, on top of directing on “Santiago of the Seas” the past year.  It’s been a fun time. 

And most importantly, building a buffer for the next chapter of Harpy Gee.  There are roughly three chapters left.
Since the wait is long, there’s a new FREE ebook in the Hivemill store for you!  It collects the short comics between chapters 4-5.  (There’s a tip jar, but do not feel obligated, and I don’t think it’ll be working til later this week anyway.)


Follow these accounts for any Harpy related updates, and the occasional doodle in the meantime:

Everyone please have a safe and happy Spring and Summer. See you soon.


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