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A young elf who has spent her whole life sheltered in the kingdom of elves.  She can't use, or be affected by magic.  Even so, she seems to know how to handle her way around monsters.  She finds the town of Podunkello to be interesting and exciting!


Harpy's pet goblin cat.  He loves pie!  He carries all her stuff in his tummy!


A talented witch doctor who owns the Item Shop.  Harpy often helps Opal gather ingredients for her potions, which she also sells at her item shop.


Opal's pet pig, and witch familiar.  He's very kind and helpful.  His nose is great for searching ingredients in the forest, and he can also read and write!


A boy who loves making toys, and dreams of being a great hero like his father.  Ash is a little immature, and often spends most of his money on hobbies.  He rents a room at the Item Shop, and works most of the time as a castle guard.

Prince Humphrey

The prince of the kingdom.  Having lived in his magical twin sister's perfect shadow all his life, he's incredibly pessimistic.  He runs to Podunkello to live with his uncle, the Duke, on the eve of his birthday.


A cute and stupid dog, belonging to the Duke.  








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