Dough See Dough pt.24
Posted May 28, 2019 at 02:24 am


News about the next update schedule.

After next week, Harpy will go on hiatus until early September.

I will be working on the comic in the meantime, building a buffer.

I've kept Harpy updating since 2014, on top of juggling the Nickelodeon development and another full time job.

I want to focus on making the next chapter the best I can, and with a new storyboard job, on top of some of readers

concerned about the quality of the comic, I think it is for the best for me to begin the next chapter at a slower pace.

For those that understood I needed a light and silly story before diving back into the main storyline, thank you.

See you soon.

Come back next week for a special comic about Tibia and her Dad. 

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